Starex Group begins its involvement in the industrial service and hardware supply business as Hupfatt Marketing Sdn Bhd in Hill City Industrial Park, Ipoh in the 1990s. Business expand and relocated to Falim, Ipoh from 16,000 Sq. Ft. to 130,000 sq. ft. Bold decision was taken to engage another outlet specialised in hardware retail business as Starex Hardware Sdn Bhd set up in 2013.

A whole new range of product was added in 2015-2019 with the advent of the concept retail specialist centre. Our flagship hyper store was set up as One Stop Hypermart to cater the needs of household D.I.Y and Professional in construction and industrial sector.

To be the leading hyper-store as a One-Stop Hardware Hypermarket to cater to the needs of household DIY and professionals in construction and industrial sectors.


- To delivery material to project that consistently exceed international standards and provide exceptional customer satisfaction

- To work closely with other supplier in order to continuously delivery excellent value & innovative hardware solutions to meet our clients’ requirement.

- To allow customer negotiate and purchase in bulk with the broadest selection and range of product at the most competitive price.

- To offer optimal pack sizes and prices specially customized for the needs of our household and corporate clients.


We believe in:

  • 1)Safety
  • 2)Integrity
  • 3)Trust
  • 4)Commitment
  • 5)Quality
  • 6)Teamwork

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