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Coopel (Concentrate Coolant)

Brand: Soft 99

Contents: 350ml


The concentrated coolant effectively prevents any power downs of the vehicle due to overheating in the radiator or engine. It maintains radiator in an ideal heat conduction by preventing the inside of cooling system from being damaged by rust, corrosion and other unwanted residue. It lengthens the life of cooling system.


  • 1. Drain approximately 1/3 liter of old fluid from radiator to allow Coopel to be refilled.
  • * If the drainage water contains rust, scale or other unwanted residue, we recommend flushing inside in advance.
  • 2. Pour Coopel into the radiator and afterward fill with clean water.
  • * Use one can for the cooling system whose capacity is up to 10 liters (2.5 gallons).

Standard Delivery : Within 3 - 7 days

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